Tom & Dave Reunion

my old friend Dave stopped by tonight…


Dave & Tom


Join the WCBS Today!

Join the WCBS Today!

Tampa Bay Blues Fest Ticket Discount

Billy Branch! ChicagoChuck Ross is offering Suncoast Blues Society members a discount on tickets for the 2017 Tampa Bay Blues Festival!
You must be a current member of the Suncoast Blues Society to take advantage of this offer.

Single day tickets can be purchased with a $5 discount per ticket.

Three day tickets can be purchased with a $10 discount.

Members are allowed to purchase up to four tickets for a day or the weekend.


To purchase tickets with this offer, please follow these steps:

1. Determine quantity & date of tickets to be ordered

2. Write down quantity, date and total cost of tickets, minus the appropriate discount

3. Include name, address, and SBS Member Number with ticket order along with a check to the Suncoast Blues Society for the amount of the ticket order after the discount has been applied

4. Mail ticket order to:
Suncoast Blues Society,
PO Box 4232
Tampa, FL 33677   
Ticket Orders Must Be Received By Wednesday, March 29.

The Suncoast Blues Society will create a “Will Call” list for all orders received. Purchasers can pick-up tickets at the Will Call window at the Main gate of the Tampa Bay Blues Festival with a photo ID.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Thompson at:

A big thank you to Chuck Ross for this generous offer – one more benefit of being a member of the Suncoast Blues Society!

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Suncoast Blues Society | PO Box 4232 | Tampa | FL | 33677

Join the WCBS Today!

Join the WCBS Today!

WCBS Website Renovation!

After eight years, we’ve renovated our website!  The all new WCBS website doesn’t appear to have changed much but we cleaned out the old and are ready for another eight years. Fury Lewis

WCBS annual events include the Chicago Blues Festival and our CBC challenge.

Join the WCBS Today!

Join the WCBS Today!

Become a WCBS Member

Become a WCBS Member

Your Windy City Blues Society (WCBS) membership provides great opportunities to meet new friends who share your love of the blues. Attend WCBS events, get discounted concert tickets and merchandise and contribute to the WCBS by volunteering to help out on one of our committees. What are you waiting for?

An individual membership is just $20 per year. If you join now, your membership is good through May 31, 2017.

When you join, you’ll receive:

One WCBS Button
Our BLUES NEWS e-newsletter
A WCBS membership card
Notice of special WCBS events and discounts at these events
Discounts on WCBS Merchandise
Discounts at participating WCBS sponsor businesses
The chance to meet many other great blues lovers!

Download the Membership Form.
The form is interactive so save it to your computer first and then fill it out before printing.
Mail it in with your cash, check or money order.

PO Box 7389
Chicago, IL 60680-7389

Join the WCBS Today!

Join the WCBS Today!